Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapter Seventeen


Moving = MADNESS! That is all I will say on the matter.

Logan is not happy, and that is putting it mildly. The professor told him that Magneto was after him, not Rogue. And now she’s shoved in a sack somewhere after he just promised to look after her and protect her. Way to make a man look like a liar, Chuck. So, in order to get out his frustrations, he decides to punch Scott. Well, he can’t very well start pounding on a guy in a wheelchair, can he? I’m pretty sure even Wolverine has standards.

After giving Scott a little trim off the top, Logan storms out. Which is a funny way to say it because Storm follows him.

Okay, at least I thought it was funny.

She asks him where he’s going and he tells her he’s going to go find Rogue himself. There’s no way he’s waiting for Xavier and his crazy fanatics to come up with a plan. Storm says they’re not fanatics and that the world needs them because it has evolved and is different from what it used to be. Logan basically gives her the eyeroll and walks off. Except she’s not just going to let him go.

In the foyer, he finally rounds on her and tells her she’s ticking him off with her hypocritical talk, and how he can see she hates humans as much as humans hate mutants. He continues to push her by saying she treats humans like they’re children that need to be disciplined for their ignorance. He tells her he knows they hated her.

Storm, to her credit, stays perfectly calm and says she’s overcome the trials of her past. Logan’s reaction? La-dee-fricken-da. He’s still going out to look on his own.

So Logan yanks open the door, and who should be standing there? Why, it’s Senator Kelly! At least…they think it’s him. He’s kind of…dripping and oozing. That can’t be good.

After the senator passes out and Logan catches him, comparing it to holding onto slimy Jell-O (Yum!), everyone takes a trip down to the med labs. Jean examines him and decides he’s somehow become a mutant. But not just one that sweats too much, as the movie leads us to believe.

“‘He’s extremely adaptable,’ Jean said. ‘He can effectively change the shape of his body.’

‘So why does he look like this?’ Logan asked.

‘Something’s wrong with his mutation,’ Jean said. ‘His cells are losing their integrity. They’re liquefying. He’s literally falling apart.’”

When Jean tells them there is no way to reverse what happened to Kelly, the professor decides to try and go into his mind and see what happens. The results are a little different from what I thought happened. Here, Xavier sees everything the senator went through, but he also feels all the fear and the hatred. And even when he pulls out of the senator’s mind, Xavier has a hard time with the powerful emotions. In fact, he feels so much hatred that one of his first thoughts is that losing Senator Kelly would be no great loss at all. And he’s surprised by his own feelings.

Deciding he needs to talk to all of them, Xavier tells them all to meet him in his office. Storm volunteers to stay behind to keep an eye on the senator and Jean asks her to let her know if anything changes. Xavier’s parting words are, “I don’t think anything will. At least not for the better.”

He meant it in more ways than one.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapters Fifteen and Sixteen


So, chapter fifteen? My reaction can be summed up like this:

Accuracy; you're doing it right! Yeah, you read that correctly. This chapter was pretty much the movie in literary form. The fights between Storm and Sabretooth, the fun with Toad and Scott, even the conversation between Magneto and Logan on the train. It was dead on!

So of course I had to keep reading until I had something worth writing about. This brings us to the next chapter.

Jean is a crazy driver. I mean, I'm pretty sure she's going forty in a thirty-five zone. Who knew she had such a wild streak? Xavier is doing the right thing and "reaching out with his mind" so he doesn't actually have to be in the car to see his prized student go all Dom Toretto down the side streets of Westchester.

Mags, Sabes, and Toad leave the train station with Rogue-in-a-bag to find the cops have come to party as well. This is not a thing Magneto is happy about. So he takes all the guns aimed at him and turns them around to face their owners. It gets even less fun when Sabretooth randomly reaches over to take Magneto by the neck and cut off his air supply. Mostly. Through Sabes, Charles asks Mags what he wants Rogue for. Magneto tells Xavier he'll have to choose between an answer to that question and the lives of all the men and women with guns now aimed at them.

We all know what Xavier decides, though it is not without reluctance. Xavier has to think about it for a minute.

Jean and Xavier don't actually get there until after Xavier releases his hold on Sabretooth and the trio of evil fly off in a helicopter piloted by Mystique. They do get there in time, however, to see Scott trying to help both Storm and Logan away from the train station and to the car. When everyone is situated and has seat belts on, Jean takes off to head back to the mansion.

Their first real encounter with Magneto and his boys has left them damaged, but alive.

Unfortunately, they lost Rogue, but...you know...grand scheme, here.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapter Fourteen


Oh hi! Didn't see you there. So...pretend the past few days I actually posted and wasn't lazy. Thanks.

Rogue is sad and running away. And she's feeling more than a little sorry for herself. Not that anyone could blame her, really. The boy she thought was super cute told her to leave, she can't ever have a real physical relationship with anyone, and there was the small matter of almost killing Logan. Yeah, I'd be down in the mouth, too.

But then Logan shows up to say, "Look! I live!" and tell her how to avoid the ticket taker when he comes around since he totally knows she doesn't have a ticket. Illegally hitching a ride on public transportation. There was a reason why he liked this kid after all.

Back at the mansion. Bobby has a rash. It doesn't seem to itch or anything, but it's spreading pretty quickly. Oh wait, no that's just Mystique. So that would mean...wait...was that Bobby or Mystique who told Rogue to leave? Because now she's gone professor Xavier from the neck up. Will we ever know the truth?!

"The real Bobby sat in his room, studying, wondering why Rogue had left. Feeling vaguely guilty for not defending her and hoping she was all right."

Well...there's the answer to my question.

Meanwhile, Mystique is doing her best to mess with Cerebro. Again, there is a deviance from the movie for no reason at all in which she doesn't do anything so sinister as injecting something nasty into the inner liquids of Cerebro. No, here she just finds the "brain" of Cerebro and starts stabbing it over and over with a screwdriver. Because that makes more sense?

Jumping back to the train station, Cyke and Storm have split up.

Jumping back to the train itself, Logan and Rogue are having a heart to heart. No, really. Rogue is crying because Logan has told her he felt death when she touched him. For so long he wanted to die and even tried killing himself several times over. But when she touched him and he thought it was going to end, he realized he didn't want to die. So he didn't really go to try and stop her from running, he went to tell her thanks for almost killing him.

And I thought I was messed up. At least his "wonderful feeling" is explained a bit better now. I am not nearly as weirded out by this as I was before.

He tells her to follow her instincts, but he kinda thinks Xavier is one of the only people in the world who will be able to understand and help her. The train is now leaving, but they decide together to get off at the next stop and head back. Logan even promises to take care of Rogue. He promises, you guys. As long as they don't have to have anymore heart to heart conversations.

Suddenly the moving train is jerked to a halt, sending Logan flying through the air over the seats. Because, even with all the adamantium in his body, he apparently weighs less than Rogue and everyone else who is just jostled and still seated.

And now the train is moving...no, it's being dragged...backwards.

Let the games begin.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapter Thirteen


My apologies, readers. I have sufficient excuses for not being around but decided not to use them. Instead, I will just apologize and get to the chapter. Now, moving on.

Professor Xavier is really baffled by what Magneto sees in Logan. Really, they couldn't be more unalike, and though they say opposites attract, there is something about this match-up that doesn't exactly match up for the professor. He's reexamining the x-rays of Logan's adamantium skeleton when Scott comes in to blow off a little steam.

Scott doesn't like Logan. I think everyone in the book is going to have to point this out to me until I really get it. Right now it's only been mentioned by three other people. I still think there's room for them to be BFFs. I am not convinced they hate each other yet. Maybe if six or seven more people bring it up...

So they're having a discussion about how Logan does or does not fit in and how he would or wouldn't be a good team member when Wolverine throws the door open to proclaim that Rogue is gone. The three of them head out to meet Jean and Ororo at Cerebro to try and locate Rogue. Logan asks the professor why he hasn't used it to find Magneto, and Chuckie tells him he can't, that Mags is somehow blocking them. When Logan asks how he would know how to do that, Xavier says Erik helped him build it, and everyone shuffles Logan out of the room while he tries to pick his jaw up off the floor.

It doesn't take the professor long to find Rogue and learn what drove her away. He informs the others, sending Scott and Ro to go after her while he and Jean will stay behind to talk to the mean kids. Logan gets all kinds of peeved off by this, even after he is reminded that Magneto is after him. So, reacting in a very mature manner, Logan waits until the professor and everyone else is out of sight before hightailing it to the garage and stealing a bike.

No one's gonna save the girl he didn't want to even look at in the first place but him. Got that, bub?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapter Twelve


Okay, so I keep trying to figure out how to start this, and all I can do it make a face kinda like this...

Let me explain why.

Logan is dreaming again, having the same nightmare but nothing so deep as to let him feel the pain. He wakes up in a sweat and instantly remembers what happened with Rogue. And it gets a little weird, even for me.

"...Logan laughed. Then he rubbed his face and head, hard, trying to shake the sensations, the memory of what had happened with Rogue. And what he had felt when she touched him.

Then he realized he didn't want to lose that memory. In fact, it might just be one of the more important things that had ever happened to him.

For the next thirty minutes he lay there thinking.


Besides the really poor sentence/paragraph structure, can you see why I'm squicked by this? If you remember it said she touched him like he was a long-lost lover. Why would that...I don't...I....eh.

Meanwhile, Rogue is outside not thinking about Logan or how she touched him. In fact, all she can focus on is how everyone now suddenly hates her and doesn't want to include her in on anything, Jubes and Kitty included. So she finds a spot to sit and eat her lunch that's well away from everyone. Bobby finds her and tells her she's got the whole place freaked and that the professor doesn't know what to do with her. Really, she should just leave.

Apparently dinner didn't go well.

So she waits until Bobby leaves, takes her milk, banana, and sandwich, and does actually leave.

Somewhere along the Atlantic Coat (that's really what it says), some random woman has decided to take her son to the beach. It's a nice day out, she's twenty-something and her husband is at work and tl:dr. Until a naked man comes up from the depths of the ocean. He's blobby and gross and, hey! He's stealing random woman's towel! How rude! Except, oh wait, it's Senator Kelly. That's fine then. He's a mutant now, you say?

See, kids? Even in fictional stories the politicians are all hypocrites.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapter Eleven


Senator Kelly is not happy, you guys. He’s not even close to being okay with whatever the heck Magneto has done to him. Nevermind the fact that he is locked in some cell that was punched into the side of a cliff overlooking the mouth to nowhere, he could be a…mutant.

He’s doing this weird sweating thing, even though he’s not hot. It’s not fair! He was minding his own business, flying in pimped out helicopters and talking to the president. Life was pretty darn good, and then this had to happen.

In an effort to try and see past the barred window in his cell, Senator Kelly smooshes his face against the bars and actually feels his skull constrict.

I wish I was making this up.

Freaked out, he pulls himself back into the cell and now realizes he’s dripping. So, doing the only logical thing that comes to mind, he takes his shoes and socks off.

…yeah, I don’t even…

Hark! Someone approacheth! Now in a panic, Senator Kelly decides he’s either going to have to shove himself through the bars or die in the cell. Magento, for all his nice British hospitality, really doesn’t strike the senator as a person who will just let him go. So he decides it’s out through the bars and out to the nothingness below.

“Kelly turned his shoulder and, with both hands on the stone ledge, tried to pull his body through.

For an instant it wouldn’t fit, then he heard the crunching as his shoulders and ribcage collapsed, and he pulled himself through the small opening between the bars. He was halfway there.”

I would choose Magneto, not even gonna lie.If I had to listen to my bones crunching, there would be no question in my mind about staying in that cell. Make me a mutant and send me home to Mama.

Senator Kelly gets himself out and onto the ledge in time to have the window torn clean off the rock wall. This, incidentally, would have been nice to have happen before he pushed himself through it. Magneto peeks out over the edge and tells the senator what he already knows, that he is now a mutant. Mags then orders Sabes to pull the good senator up, but what’s this? His hand also collapses and he falls to the mysterious fathoms below, leaving Sabes with a wet hand and a pouty face.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapter Ten


Sorry for the delay in posting. Real life was going on and I was a bit preoccupied. But now I am back with a fresh determination to be faithful to this project. So, without further delay...let's begin!

This is one of my favorite parts in the movie, this chapter right here. It's when Rogue gets skewered by Wolvie and then drains his life essence to stay alive after being impaled. And for the most part, the chapter did not screw it up.

Logan is dreaming about everything that had been done to him at Alkali Lake, somehow knowing it is real, these disturbing images and all the pain. He wakes up with a scream and, sensing someone looming over his bed, reacts without thinking and shoves his claw through whoever it is that is before him. He recognizes the gasp but is still trying to figure out if he's asleep or awake.

The door bursts open to Scott, Jean, and Ororo pouring into the room. Logan now realizes who is being held up by his claws and doesn't know what to do. Rogue actually smiles at him and tells him he was having a nightmare. Then things get real.

"Rogue eased one arm up slowly and gently touched his face, as if he were a long-lost lover and this was the last time she would ever see him.

For a short moment her touch was light, wonderful.

Then what felt like a blast of electric current shot through his body."

Logan's claws retract and Rogue staggers back to have the three other adults carefully surround her without touching her. Logan does what he's quickly becoming famous for and blacks out, but not before seeing Rogue's body heal. The last thing he can think is that he's glad she's okay.

Twenty minutes later, Ro and Scott decide to have a fight out in the hallway while the professor and Jean take care of Logan. Ro knows Scott is jealous of Logan but Scott says he's ticked because Logan keeps putting everything they've all worked for at risk. He'd rather toss Logan out on his rear, having first hurt Jean and now Rogue. He tells Ro that he knows Magneto is coming and more people will die, and that Logan is basically a liability. Once he slams his door in Ororo's face, she can't help but wonder if Scott is right.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jean and Xavier are watching Logan sleep like the precious little baby he is. Except the professor doesn't want his nap to be too long or else he won't get to sleep when he properly should. So, like any good parent, he invades Logan's mind and pokes his brain until he wakes up. Logan, understandably, is not a fan of this wake-up service and promptly tells the professor to bugger off.

The professor explains what happened and what Rogue does, and Logan confesses he feels like he'd been on a ten day bender. Which he wouldn't know anything about since his healing power prevents him from getting drunk. >>

Now that he's awake, Xavier tells him to go back to sleep (why did you wake him up in the first place then? Now I'll have to find his binkie and sing him a lullaby) and leaves Jean to say goodnight. Alone. Logan says he'll sleep better if Jean stays and she tells him she doubts it.

Yeah, he doubts it, too.


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