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Diana Reads X-Men: Chapters Five and Six

My apologies, readers, for missing out on posting a chapter review yesterday. Yesterday was not a good day and I did not do much of anything but play Wii. Today promised to be a repeat of yesterday, but I decided not to let it be. So, I have two chapters for you today. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Chapter Five - This chapter was nothing special. I mean there are key plot points, but nothing so rage inducing that I was wanting to tweet about it or post an entry.

We start out in the Super Sekrit Lair of Magneto, also known as SSLoM and get to meet Toad. He’s busy painting Magneto’s Super Sekrit Machine Thing and spares Sabretooth a snide little comment about bringing someone back with him, which Sabes so obviously didn’t. The conversation between Sabes and Mags is just as generic as it is in the movies, then we move on to a new scene and the mansion.

Logan wakes up on a slab to find a beautiful woman (“ZOMG she is the most prettiest face I have ever seen EVAR! And she smells like what I would imagine Edward Cullen to smell like! All sunbeams and honey, and ACK! Why is she putting a needle in my arm?! KILL TIMEZ!”)

Logan freaks, almost strangles Jean, then gets the heck outta there. He finds an elevator and takes it to Floor One: Student Department. He wanders, trying to find a way out, and is drawn by the sound of voices. Peering into one of the rooms, he sees another gorgeous woman with dark skin and snow white hair teaching a class. WTH? Is this a supermodel training camp? Did he die and this is heaven? If this is heaven, why are there so many kids in that room?

Oh, snap! The elevator is dinging! Someone is coming after him. He must flee! And flee he does, right into the professor’s office in the middle of yet another class. Xavier excuses the kids so the big boys can have grown-up talk, and Logan just about craps himself when Kitty runs out through the door. Like, as in the literal sense.

Once they are alone, Xavier explains who he is, tells Logan where he is now, and tells him he thinks Logan will be safe there from Magneto. When Logan asks, “What’s a magneto?” Xavier goes on the explain about his old friend and how he’s uncertain why Erik is after Logan. Then in comes the black supermodel and the (sooooo preeettttyyyyy) Cullen-esque doctor from the basement. With them is some dude with freaky red sunglasses, and Rogue. Xavier introduces them with some funky names, but Logan just wants to nom on jean’s face so he really doesn’t care about anyone else. Except maybe Rogue, who he suddenly feels protective of.

Rogue says she’s staying and Logan’s fine with that. It means he can move on without feeling guilty. So he starts to take off but Cyke tries to stop him and a throwdown begins. It would have been good, too, if Dr. Jean smell-nummy Grey hadn’t stepped in. Logan knows Cyke’s her BF just from the body language, but unless he’s reading her signals wrong, he’s pretty sure she digs him, too.

Xavier asks for 48 hours to figure out what Mags wants with him. In the end, Logan only agrees because there are hot women everywhere.

Chapter Six - This was super short. Like, three pages short. I was a little disappointed.

In Washington D.C., Senator Kelly is gaining supporters and making the always classy thumbs-up his new thing. His aide and the pilot share an odd look which, if I didn’t already know what was really going on, I could easily assume meant, “Let’s just crash this Copter and save everyone a bucket full of trouble.”

Back at the mansion, Rogue is getting used to school again. She was kicked out of her old school for all the trouble she caused by kissing boys and draining them of their very life essence. Go figure. But these cats accept her for who she is. Even better, they don’t really seem all that afraid of her.

John, the boy who sits in front of her, is super cute and he keeps making fireballs to show off. The Iceboy to her right decides to give her an ice rose. Too bad it’s already melting. That is not so impressive.

After class Bobby hangs around to offer a tour and dinner company to Rogue. She forgets all about John (really honey, it’s a wise decision) and agrees, making them both super happy. Well, until Rogue has a little conversation with Storm.

See, poor Marie is under the impression that the professor can cure her. Storm sits her down and tells her how it is, leaving Rogue feeling lonelier than she ever had before.

Tomorrow, just from glancing at the next page, it seems Logan gets a tour from the professor. It also looks like this may be a new scene. Be prepared for the rage, my friends.


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