Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapter Four

When we left our friends yesterday, Logan had been thrown back into the truck through the windshield by Sabretooth, and Rogue was stuck because her seat got jammed so far forward that it pinned her legs under the dash when they hit, and now Logan's eight hundred ton body is on top of her.

Now we turned to Storm and Cyclops. They're sitting in the Blackbird some half-mile away. Storm is watching the small yellow dot on her radar that is Sabretooth, and Cyke is curled up and sleeping in the seat next to hers. Ro mentally rants a little bit about how the professor told them to track Sabes, but didn't tell them why. Then she looks at the snow, thinks, "Ooh, pretty," and goes back to being a happy camper.

The sound of the tree Sabretooth ripped up to throw in front of Logan's truck reaches them and wakes Cyclops. Two more blips appear on the screen and they decide to go check it out.

Storm sees him first, catching up to Sabes just as he's tossing Logan back into the truck. While Cyclops takes Sabretooth out, Storm goes to help Rogue. Rogue freaks and screams "DON'T TOUCH ME!" Seeing that the girl is stuck between a dashboard and a lump of passed out guy, she calls Scott over to get her out before the camper of doom goes all explody.

Thinking quickly, Storm somehow manages to haul Logan's body out of/off of the truck before it all finally blows up. We're left with the three conscious ones watching the fire, and Storm thinking, "If that guy wasn't dead before," meaning Logan, "he's not gonna get up and walk away from my throwing him out into the road like a rag doll."

Oh, Ro. You just don't even know.


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