Friday, March 22, 2013

Update of Yum!

I have this really sweet deal going on in that I live in a house full of amazing women. It's a two family house meaning one apartment upstairs and one downstairs. Heather and I take up the top and Laura and Beth take up the bottom. All of us are Christians, we all have the same tastes (for the most part) in movies, games, and entertainment in general. Laura and I pretty much share a brain which is super helpful when she editing my novel. But wait, there's more! Beth also makes lunches and snacks for us all during the week! We buy some of the groceries or, on weeks we're too lazy to shop, just give her money, and we're well taken care of all week. She makes the best lunches, too. If you've never had a Hollenbeck BLT you do not even know what you're missing. I didn't until I had it for the first time!

Anyway, in keeping with trying to help us all eat a bit better, our snacks are almost always really healthy ones. We get apple slices and peanut butter a lot which is one of my favorites. Lately, though, we've just been getting the apple. Now here's where I shamefully admit how lazy I am. I don't eat apples whole because I can't at the moment, so I haven't been eating my apples. They've been accumulating. I don't know what Heather's excuse is, but hers have been taking up shelf space, too. So today I decided to look up a recipe in which I could use them. What I found was an upside down cake. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your kitchens!

Full recipe here.

I deviated from the recipe a bit because I am allergic to following directions when it comes to baking. Instead of sprinkling moist brown sugar all over the bottom of the pan I stuck hard brown sugar with just a teaspoon or so of water in the microwave for ten seconds. This made a nice syrupy kind of paste almost that I spread over the bottom. So delish and it makes a kind of caramel over the apples! Also, I used flax seed instead of eggs because it's better for you and I had some available to me. This cake is not too sweet, moist, and really good. I've never had it before today but I felt like I was eating comfort food. This is one recipe I will be adding to my Must Make recipe book.

Overall I'd give it a 9 out of 10. Why just a 9? Only because the cake is pretty thin. I'd like a bit more of it to balance out the sweetness of the apples just a bit better. Other than that, perfection in a pan!

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