Monday, July 6, 2015

Beyond the Book Club

A few days ago on Facebook I mentioned something about starting up a book club. I'm part of a book club that I joined on but have yet to actually make it to a meeting because the closest they meet is Concord, and they seem to always picks nights for gatherings to be nights when I have standing plans. Needless to say the excitement I felt when first joining this group dwindled after each missed gathering. But instead of getting discouraged I decided to get smart and just start my own.

About a year ago I started reading a series by Christian author Laura Jensen Walker, a series called "The Getaway Girls" that followed a group of women from all different ages, different personality types, different walks of life who met and bonded over books and their mutual love of them. During one of their meetings they decide they don't want to be the typical book club any longer, that they don't want to just sit around, stuffing their faces and discussing books. They wanted to start living them. I thought the idea was genius and decided, maybe it's time I stopped reading my books as well. Maybe it's time I start living them. And I'm inviting anyone who wants to, to join me. Men and women, young and old, single or married. It's good to have diversity and to mix it up once in awhile. So here's the official pitch:

Here is it, another book club just like all the rest out there. Except not. Beyond the Book Club is just as it sounds. We read books, we discuss them, but we also take it one step further. Each book we read and discuss will be the beginning of an adventure, an engaging opportunity to do something amazing, fun, and hopefully adventerous. Because the excitement doesn't have to end when the book does. "Around the World in 80 Days" may lead to a hot air balloon ride, "Moby Dick" could end in a whale watch, "Emma" just may have you being set up on a blind date, and "Les Miserables" could take you all the way to Paris. We'll meet bi-monthly to discuss our chosen books and the adventures that are sure to follow.

Our first meeting will be Monday, July 20 at 6pm at Wayfarer Coffee Roasters on Main Street in Laconia. They are open until 7 so that should give us enough time to get something delicious to drink and/or nom on while we talk, and be able to introduce ourselves and really get to the meat of our group. From there we can figure out a night/time/place that works the best for all of us and figure out our next meeting. With any luck, we'll also be choosing our first book that night as well.

Bring your questions, bring book suggestions, and bring a friend! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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