Monday, February 7, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapter Ten

Sorry for the delay in posting. Real life was going on and I was a bit preoccupied. But now I am back with a fresh determination to be faithful to this project. So, without further delay...let's begin!

This is one of my favorite parts in the movie, this chapter right here. It's when Rogue gets skewered by Wolvie and then drains his life essence to stay alive after being impaled. And for the most part, the chapter did not screw it up.

Logan is dreaming about everything that had been done to him at Alkali Lake, somehow knowing it is real, these disturbing images and all the pain. He wakes up with a scream and, sensing someone looming over his bed, reacts without thinking and shoves his claw through whoever it is that is before him. He recognizes the gasp but is still trying to figure out if he's asleep or awake.

The door bursts open to Scott, Jean, and Ororo pouring into the room. Logan now realizes who is being held up by his claws and doesn't know what to do. Rogue actually smiles at him and tells him he was having a nightmare. Then things get real.

"Rogue eased one arm up slowly and gently touched his face, as if he were a long-lost lover and this was the last time she would ever see him.

For a short moment her touch was light, wonderful.

Then what felt like a blast of electric current shot through his body."

Logan's claws retract and Rogue staggers back to have the three other adults carefully surround her without touching her. Logan does what he's quickly becoming famous for and blacks out, but not before seeing Rogue's body heal. The last thing he can think is that he's glad she's okay.

Twenty minutes later, Ro and Scott decide to have a fight out in the hallway while the professor and Jean take care of Logan. Ro knows Scott is jealous of Logan but Scott says he's ticked because Logan keeps putting everything they've all worked for at risk. He'd rather toss Logan out on his rear, having first hurt Jean and now Rogue. He tells Ro that he knows Magneto is coming and more people will die, and that Logan is basically a liability. Once he slams his door in Ororo's face, she can't help but wonder if Scott is right.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jean and Xavier are watching Logan sleep like the precious little baby he is. Except the professor doesn't want his nap to be too long or else he won't get to sleep when he properly should. So, like any good parent, he invades Logan's mind and pokes his brain until he wakes up. Logan, understandably, is not a fan of this wake-up service and promptly tells the professor to bugger off.

The professor explains what happened and what Rogue does, and Logan confesses he feels like he'd been on a ten day bender. Which he wouldn't know anything about since his healing power prevents him from getting drunk. >>

Now that he's awake, Xavier tells him to go back to sleep (why did you wake him up in the first place then? Now I'll have to find his binkie and sing him a lullaby) and leaves Jean to say goodnight. Alone. Logan says he'll sleep better if Jean stays and she tells him she doubts it.

Yeah, he doubts it, too.


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