Monday, January 31, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapters Eight and Nine

I think…I think I might be bored. These next two chapters didn’t give me anything to be mad at or hate on. Actually, there’s a little added thing in nine that made me go, “Awww.” Other than that, not much.

In chapter eight we have Jean making sure Logan is all settled in for the night. Considering she just gave him a full exam and then had dinner with the guy, it’s really the least she can do. They talk more about the mansion, the professor, and Scott, of course. Logan doesn’t like him and makes no effort to hide this fact, and Jean defends him. They talk about Jean’s ability, and Logan notices the bruises he left on Jean’s neck from earlier.

After he apologizes for imprinting on her, she reaches out to touch him and gets a wicked mental invasion of images and pain. It startles them both, though Jean is a lot more shaken up by it than Logan is. Scott and his perfect timing show up then, and asks if Logan needs Jean to read him a bedtime story. Pretty nice offer, really. Jean leaves, frustrated with Scott, and the two men exchange pretty much the same witty banter we hear in the movie.

Sometime later, Jean shows the professor, Scott, and Ororo the x-rays she took of Logan. All of them are baffled since it looks like every bone in his body is coated with adamantium, even his skull. They’re all sufficiently impressed, if not thoroughly confused as to why someone would do that to another living being. When Scott asks what Magneto would want with Logan, Xavier says he’s not entirely sure it’s Logan Magneto wants. Instead, he alludes to the desire being for the adamantium, and not the mutant.

In chapter nine, we begin with Scott’s jealousy. He doesn’t like Logan and Jean can’t understand why. So, to make him less jealous, she kisses him and makes it all better. No, really.

Out in the hallway, Rogue is trying to be super quiet as she makes her way to Logan’s room. She goes in the find him sleeping, having some sort of nightmare. So instead of waking him or going back to her own room, she curls up in the chair by his bed to try and sleep because his surly presence is comforting. That was my “Aww,” moment.

Next, we find ourselves in Magneto’s lair. Senator Kelly is tied to a metal chair and slowly remembering the blue foot that came down on his face to knock him out. Nearby there is a mutant crouching. This mutant shoots out a super long tongue to catch a bird and eat it whole. Readers, Senator Kelly would like you to know he does not approve of eating live animals. In fact, he would very much like to vomit.

But wait, there’s more!

In strides Magneto, all regal posture and crisp British accent. And Smurfette, who wraps herself around him like a lover. Senator Kelly is not amused, and is torn between wanting to cry like a little girl and rage at this old Brit the entire time Magneto is talking about…a lot of nothing. Really, I don’t even remember what he said without looking back. That’s how unimportant it was.

At some point even Eric tires of the sound of his own voice and goes to stand in this machine-sculpture-thing. There is endless and repetitive description of this thing; how it works, how it moves, how it sounds, how it looks. Seriously, it’s a little too imagery-heavy and I skipped a lot of it.

A light comes emanating from the machine, and we get insight into the senator’s senses when there is a power transfer. I’d quote it, but it’s fairly long. When these odd powers are being taken into his body, he teeters on feeling absolute agony to absolute ecstasy. He remembers every moment of his life, every scent, every touch. He understands how he effects others and how they effect him. It is a moment of complete enlightenment in it’s truest form. And then it’s over.

Now Senator Kelly has the right mind to cry. His skin is now glowing and translucent. Pretty sure that was not a condition he came in with, he looks to Magneto with unadulterated hatred and asks what was done to him.

Magneto’s answer? “Welcome to the future. Brother.”


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