Friday, December 28, 2012

Starting Over

It's been awhile since I left behind my old blog on Livejournal and I've spent that time feeling somewhat...itchy. I liked being able to go and just type out my feelings and thoughts, but oftentimes it came without a censor. I'd say almost any old thing that came to mind and my words became my own poison. I started dreading even looking at it, much less writing in it. So I pulled away, took a break, and regrouped. And now I'm here.

I want to start blogging again but leaving behind the immature rantings and ravings I let myself indulge in before. The idea behind using this blog is that it will not only be cathartic for me, but it will also be a way of keeping more in touch with people I fail at keeping in touch with otherwise. Not because I want to, but because life just moves too darn fast sometimes. It's easy to love people but it is not always easy to give relationships the attention they deserve. This is just a small way to avoid that. It by no means replaces actual conversations with people, but I know certain people who miss my blog because they liked knowing what was going on with me. So I guess this blog is for you. You're welcome.

While I know I won't update every single day I do plan on keeping up with this on a regular basis. Things like goings on in my life, movie reviews, book reviews, publishing and writing news, health issues... a little bit of everything. Just like life. Just like me.

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