Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapter Twelve

Okay, so I keep trying to figure out how to start this, and all I can do it make a face kinda like this...

Let me explain why.

Logan is dreaming again, having the same nightmare but nothing so deep as to let him feel the pain. He wakes up in a sweat and instantly remembers what happened with Rogue. And it gets a little weird, even for me.

"...Logan laughed. Then he rubbed his face and head, hard, trying to shake the sensations, the memory of what had happened with Rogue. And what he had felt when she touched him.

Then he realized he didn't want to lose that memory. In fact, it might just be one of the more important things that had ever happened to him.

For the next thirty minutes he lay there thinking.


Besides the really poor sentence/paragraph structure, can you see why I'm squicked by this? If you remember it said she touched him like he was a long-lost lover. Why would that...I don'

Meanwhile, Rogue is outside not thinking about Logan or how she touched him. In fact, all she can focus on is how everyone now suddenly hates her and doesn't want to include her in on anything, Jubes and Kitty included. So she finds a spot to sit and eat her lunch that's well away from everyone. Bobby finds her and tells her she's got the whole place freaked and that the professor doesn't know what to do with her. Really, she should just leave.

Apparently dinner didn't go well.

So she waits until Bobby leaves, takes her milk, banana, and sandwich, and does actually leave.

Somewhere along the Atlantic Coat (that's really what it says), some random woman has decided to take her son to the beach. It's a nice day out, she's twenty-something and her husband is at work and tl:dr. Until a naked man comes up from the depths of the ocean. He's blobby and gross and, hey! He's stealing random woman's towel! How rude! Except, oh wait, it's Senator Kelly. That's fine then. He's a mutant now, you say?

See, kids? Even in fictional stories the politicians are all hypocrites.


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