Thursday, February 17, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapter Fourteen

Oh hi! Didn't see you there. So...pretend the past few days I actually posted and wasn't lazy. Thanks.

Rogue is sad and running away. And she's feeling more than a little sorry for herself. Not that anyone could blame her, really. The boy she thought was super cute told her to leave, she can't ever have a real physical relationship with anyone, and there was the small matter of almost killing Logan. Yeah, I'd be down in the mouth, too.

But then Logan shows up to say, "Look! I live!" and tell her how to avoid the ticket taker when he comes around since he totally knows she doesn't have a ticket. Illegally hitching a ride on public transportation. There was a reason why he liked this kid after all.

Back at the mansion. Bobby has a rash. It doesn't seem to itch or anything, but it's spreading pretty quickly. Oh wait, no that's just Mystique. So that would mean...wait...was that Bobby or Mystique who told Rogue to leave? Because now she's gone professor Xavier from the neck up. Will we ever know the truth?!

"The real Bobby sat in his room, studying, wondering why Rogue had left. Feeling vaguely guilty for not defending her and hoping she was all right."

Well...there's the answer to my question.

Meanwhile, Mystique is doing her best to mess with Cerebro. Again, there is a deviance from the movie for no reason at all in which she doesn't do anything so sinister as injecting something nasty into the inner liquids of Cerebro. No, here she just finds the "brain" of Cerebro and starts stabbing it over and over with a screwdriver. Because that makes more sense?

Jumping back to the train station, Cyke and Storm have split up.

Jumping back to the train itself, Logan and Rogue are having a heart to heart. No, really. Rogue is crying because Logan has told her he felt death when she touched him. For so long he wanted to die and even tried killing himself several times over. But when she touched him and he thought it was going to end, he realized he didn't want to die. So he didn't really go to try and stop her from running, he went to tell her thanks for almost killing him.

And I thought I was messed up. At least his "wonderful feeling" is explained a bit better now. I am not nearly as weirded out by this as I was before.

He tells her to follow her instincts, but he kinda thinks Xavier is one of the only people in the world who will be able to understand and help her. The train is now leaving, but they decide together to get off at the next stop and head back. Logan even promises to take care of Rogue. He promises, you guys. As long as they don't have to have anymore heart to heart conversations.

Suddenly the moving train is jerked to a halt, sending Logan flying through the air over the seats. Because, even with all the adamantium in his body, he apparently weighs less than Rogue and everyone else who is just jostled and still seated.

And now the train is, it's being dragged...backwards.

Let the games begin.


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