Sunday, February 13, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapter Thirteen

My apologies, readers. I have sufficient excuses for not being around but decided not to use them. Instead, I will just apologize and get to the chapter. Now, moving on.

Professor Xavier is really baffled by what Magneto sees in Logan. Really, they couldn't be more unalike, and though they say opposites attract, there is something about this match-up that doesn't exactly match up for the professor. He's reexamining the x-rays of Logan's adamantium skeleton when Scott comes in to blow off a little steam.

Scott doesn't like Logan. I think everyone in the book is going to have to point this out to me until I really get it. Right now it's only been mentioned by three other people. I still think there's room for them to be BFFs. I am not convinced they hate each other yet. Maybe if six or seven more people bring it up...

So they're having a discussion about how Logan does or does not fit in and how he would or wouldn't be a good team member when Wolverine throws the door open to proclaim that Rogue is gone. The three of them head out to meet Jean and Ororo at Cerebro to try and locate Rogue. Logan asks the professor why he hasn't used it to find Magneto, and Chuckie tells him he can't, that Mags is somehow blocking them. When Logan asks how he would know how to do that, Xavier says Erik helped him build it, and everyone shuffles Logan out of the room while he tries to pick his jaw up off the floor.

It doesn't take the professor long to find Rogue and learn what drove her away. He informs the others, sending Scott and Ro to go after her while he and Jean will stay behind to talk to the mean kids. Logan gets all kinds of peeved off by this, even after he is reminded that Magneto is after him. So, reacting in a very mature manner, Logan waits until the professor and everyone else is out of sight before hightailing it to the garage and stealing a bike.

No one's gonna save the girl he didn't want to even look at in the first place but him. Got that, bub?


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