Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapter Seventeen

Moving = MADNESS! That is all I will say on the matter.

Logan is not happy, and that is putting it mildly. The professor told him that Magneto was after him, not Rogue. And now she’s shoved in a sack somewhere after he just promised to look after her and protect her. Way to make a man look like a liar, Chuck. So, in order to get out his frustrations, he decides to punch Scott. Well, he can’t very well start pounding on a guy in a wheelchair, can he? I’m pretty sure even Wolverine has standards.

After giving Scott a little trim off the top, Logan storms out. Which is a funny way to say it because Storm follows him.

Okay, at least I thought it was funny.

She asks him where he’s going and he tells her he’s going to go find Rogue himself. There’s no way he’s waiting for Xavier and his crazy fanatics to come up with a plan. Storm says they’re not fanatics and that the world needs them because it has evolved and is different from what it used to be. Logan basically gives her the eyeroll and walks off. Except she’s not just going to let him go.

In the foyer, he finally rounds on her and tells her she’s ticking him off with her hypocritical talk, and how he can see she hates humans as much as humans hate mutants. He continues to push her by saying she treats humans like they’re children that need to be disciplined for their ignorance. He tells her he knows they hated her.

Storm, to her credit, stays perfectly calm and says she’s overcome the trials of her past. Logan’s reaction? La-dee-fricken-da. He’s still going out to look on his own.

So Logan yanks open the door, and who should be standing there? Why, it’s Senator Kelly! At least…they think it’s him. He’s kind of…dripping and oozing. That can’t be good.

After the senator passes out and Logan catches him, comparing it to holding onto slimy Jell-O (Yum!), everyone takes a trip down to the med labs. Jean examines him and decides he’s somehow become a mutant. But not just one that sweats too much, as the movie leads us to believe.

“‘He’s extremely adaptable,’ Jean said. ‘He can effectively change the shape of his body.’

‘So why does he look like this?’ Logan asked.

‘Something’s wrong with his mutation,’ Jean said. ‘His cells are losing their integrity. They’re liquefying. He’s literally falling apart.’”

When Jean tells them there is no way to reverse what happened to Kelly, the professor decides to try and go into his mind and see what happens. The results are a little different from what I thought happened. Here, Xavier sees everything the senator went through, but he also feels all the fear and the hatred. And even when he pulls out of the senator’s mind, Xavier has a hard time with the powerful emotions. In fact, he feels so much hatred that one of his first thoughts is that losing Senator Kelly would be no great loss at all. And he’s surprised by his own feelings.

Deciding he needs to talk to all of them, Xavier tells them all to meet him in his office. Storm volunteers to stay behind to keep an eye on the senator and Jean asks her to let her know if anything changes. Xavier’s parting words are, “I don’t think anything will. At least not for the better.”

He meant it in more ways than one.


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