Monday, January 24, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapter Three

Dear Readers,

I am almost at a loss for what to say. This chapter was…accurate. It’s like it came from an alternate universe. There were a few things, little things, that the writers took creative license with, but on a whole it was fairly close to the movie scene.

We have Logan driving away from the cafe-bar fight and smelling Rogue in the back of his camper. He pulls over, gets out to tell her to GO AWAY. When she asks where she’ll go and Logan says he doesn’t know, her reply is exactly the same as it was in the movie. “You don’t know, or you don’t care?” He tells her to pick one, then proceeds to drive away.

As we all know, Logan’s conscience gets the better of him. He pulls over and Rogue gets a free ride.

Now this scene is probably the one with the most difference. She doesn’t ask for food, he doesn’t try to warm her hands with the heater, and she doesn’t ask if it hurts when his claws come out. Instead, we have this little conversation.

“‘How long have you known?’ she asked.

‘Known what?’ he asked back, glancing at her.

‘That you were, you know, like me?’ Rogue had heard that there were others with special powers like hers. Mutants. She just hadn’t believed it.

‘I’m not like you,’ the guy said, blowing a large cloud of smoke between his face and the windshield. She had no idea how he could see the road, but he seemed to be managing just fine.

‘Right,’ Rogue said, laughing. ‘You’re just a normal, every day claw guy.’”

It’s not a huge deal that this scene’s dialogue is different, I just don’t like it because of the line about how his claws hurt every time they come out. In the grand scheme of things and comparing it to the other hugely inaccurate scenes, this is nothing.

After a minute of chatter, OH NOES! A large tree has fallen in their path. They crash, Logan goes flying through the window, and Rogue is pinned inside the truck. She’s pretty sure he’s dead, but then, what? He’s getting up and walking back to the truck.

He asks her if she’s all right, to which she replies, “I’m fine.” Wrong. You’re actually stuck and the cabin of the camper is on fire. Oh, and by the way, that moving snow mound is about to turn your new friend into his favorite new frisbee.

We end the chapter as Logan is thrown back into the windshield and Rogue is freaking.

Dare I hope this is a good turn and that it only gets better from here? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.


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