Friday, February 18, 2011

Diana Reads X-Men: Chapters Fifteen and Sixteen

So, chapter fifteen? My reaction can be summed up like this:

Accuracy; you're doing it right! Yeah, you read that correctly. This chapter was pretty much the movie in literary form. The fights between Storm and Sabretooth, the fun with Toad and Scott, even the conversation between Magneto and Logan on the train. It was dead on!

So of course I had to keep reading until I had something worth writing about. This brings us to the next chapter.

Jean is a crazy driver. I mean, I'm pretty sure she's going forty in a thirty-five zone. Who knew she had such a wild streak? Xavier is doing the right thing and "reaching out with his mind" so he doesn't actually have to be in the car to see his prized student go all Dom Toretto down the side streets of Westchester.

Mags, Sabes, and Toad leave the train station with Rogue-in-a-bag to find the cops have come to party as well. This is not a thing Magneto is happy about. So he takes all the guns aimed at him and turns them around to face their owners. It gets even less fun when Sabretooth randomly reaches over to take Magneto by the neck and cut off his air supply. Mostly. Through Sabes, Charles asks Mags what he wants Rogue for. Magneto tells Xavier he'll have to choose between an answer to that question and the lives of all the men and women with guns now aimed at them.

We all know what Xavier decides, though it is not without reluctance. Xavier has to think about it for a minute.

Jean and Xavier don't actually get there until after Xavier releases his hold on Sabretooth and the trio of evil fly off in a helicopter piloted by Mystique. They do get there in time, however, to see Scott trying to help both Storm and Logan away from the train station and to the car. When everyone is situated and has seat belts on, Jean takes off to head back to the mansion.

Their first real encounter with Magneto and his boys has left them damaged, but alive.

Unfortunately, they lost Rogue, know...grand scheme, here.


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